1. Anxiety sucks.

    I’m attending FanExpo tomorrow for the first time ever. I’m incredibly excited. But I’m also very, very anxious. My stress and anxiety is overshadowing my excitement and it’s the worst.

    I can’t wait to experience everything and meet everyone. I start thinking about it and how fantastic it’s going to be.

    And then my brain is like “nah bro time to worry” and I start thinking about how little money I have to spend and how crowded it’s going to be and how I’ll probably get lost and what am I going to where and what will I say to the celebrities I meet and I’ll probably pull and ugly face in my photo ops and what if I have a panic attack or my feet fall of or something GAAAAH.

    Why can’t I just get excited like a normal person?!

  2. Lovely dinner date with my ladies! 😍🍝❤️#leftoversfordays #whiskeysoursaresofabulousmygod

  3. Today, Trev drove Gramma’s golf cart to the water. I promise you, this was 1000x scarier than it looks. I was happy Ry drove back! 😂✌️❤️#onlyteasing #ihavethebestcousins

  4. Three sleepy mutts. 🐶💤💕#internationaldogday #boxers

  5. I had the absolute honour of shooting @luvchihuahuas hand binding ceremony tonight. It was quiet and beautiful and I am so, so happy for her. I love you Amanda!! Wishing you and Jeff many many years of happiness!! 🎉💍💕 #newlywed #firstdance

  6. #TFW you ask your boyfriend to zip you up and he takes it literally. 😩💦✋#ouch

  7. I received these beautiful Diablo Organics silver keyholes in the mail today, alongside these insane 14mm marble super spirals! 😍💎✨

  8. Made a beautiful friend today and took him home with me. 🌿🍂🍃#beautyindeath

  9. Bolin the fan girl inside all of us


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  10. Sassy Zachary, my spirit animal.

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