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    Repost from @alltheelekids who ordered a pair of those adorable little @julianganeshadotcom dong weights from us. Thanks for taking photos, they look so good on you!

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    Hey look it’s alltheelekids

    I’m everywhere 😘✨✌️

  2. Working on a doodle tonight of #Levi from #attackontitan. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I very rarely dabble in anime/manga style but it’s fun to step out if my comfort zone. 👊✒️⚡️#shingekinokyojin #SnK #AoT #artistsofinstagram

  3. It’s been a long, long weekend. Which means a rewarding waffle bedtime snack! 🙊🍪💕 #foodporn #cantstopwontstop

  4. This happened tonight. I took my first step into #lapidary. Four hours and half a mangled 14mm plug later, here I am. One step closer to being where I want to be. 💡👊⚡️#babysteps #stonecarving #dustdusteverywhere


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    i dont have to be as good as other artists
    i dont have to be as good as other artists
    i dont have to be as good as other artists
    i dont have to be as good as other artists


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  6. Okay people, incoming rant.

    Food allergies are a serious, legitimate, life threatening thing. I am not talking about how your stomach gets rumbly after eating too much dairy. That’s in intolerance, where your digestive system has enzyme issues that make certain substances difficult to digest.

    I’m talking about anaphylactic food allergies, which is your immune system freaking the hell out over certain substances, resulting in hives, increased heart rate and swelling of the throat, among other things, which are immediate and very life threatening.

    I’m talking about the fact that cross contamination of allergens can end somebody’s life.

    Major food allergens are dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, legumes and seafood, but there are a zillion other food allergies that can be life threatening.

    Allergens are not destroyed by cold or heat. So yes, those chocolate chip cookies that you baked beside the peanut butter cookies are 100% contaminated and can kill someone who is allergic to peanuts.

    Allergens are not destroyed by hand sanitizer. Washing with good old soap and water is the only way to remove them.

    What is cross contamination? Anything that touches something else. You eat peanuts then immediately use a public computer at school? Congratulations, that keyboard is now cross contaminated and can hospitalize someone with an anaphylactic nut allergy. You work in fast food and just peel off the cheese when someone requests no cheese? If that person has a dairy allergy, that could mean life or death. You eat sushi and then reach over to grab a few chips out of someone’s bag? Hopefully they aren’t allergic to fish, because if so they can no longer eat those chips without the risk of a serious reaction. You use the same spoon to scoop and stir your double double coffee every morning before you go to work? Don’t let anyone with a dairy allergy use that sugar, because it’s totally contaminated, too.

    How can you prevent cross contamination? Simple hygiene and consideration. Wash your hands after handling food, BEFORE you use any equipment or supplies in a shared environment. That means eat lunch, wash your hands, and then use the computer in class. If you make a crumby mess, clean up after yourself. Don’t reach over and touch someone else’s food without first asking. If someone declines an offer for food, don’t push them to try it anyways and put them in an uncomfortable social situation. If you’re baking in a restaurant, keep products containing nuts separate. It’s all simple things you can do they can literally mean the difference between life and death.

    The fact that so much ignorance exists in regards to food allergies terrifies me. I’ve had to modify my life to suit Trav’s allergies. I watch everything I eat, everything I touch. I went from someone who could eat peanut butter by the spoonful to someone who gags at the smell. I never used to wash my hands after eating. I now wash my hands before and after handling food, and if I’m cooking with Trav, any time I touch something that could be contaminated (my phone, my wallet, the ketchup bottle, etc). If I handle dairy I feel physically dirty and won’t touch anything until after I’ve eaten and washed. I have completely changed my life around and I am 100% okay with this. After seeing Trav hospitalized for eating soy, and hearing numerous other horror stories from people I’ve met working on my May Contain photo documentary, a life threatening reaction is something I don’t want anyone to experience.

    I know this is lengthy. But it’s important. And if you’re going to argue it or tell me that anyone with a food allergy should live in a bubble because washing your hands and not leaving peanut crumbs in a public space is too much of an inconvenience to you, kindly remove yourself from my friends list. Because if you refuse to take a few simple precautions when out in public, when it can kill someone, you’re a problem.

    This has been a PSA.

  7. Ooh I didn’t post this yesterday! I took my original, beat up Ancient Mew to #fanexpo2014 and Veronica Taylor, the original voice actor for Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum, signed it. She was so lovely and polite. I was so nervous and excited waiting in line I almost cried. Pokemon is a big deal to me. It was my entire childhood and it continues to bring me joy into adulthood as well, so I am incredibly happy that I got to meet the woman responsible for 80% of my nostalgia. ❤️✨👌#fangirling #veronicataylor #pokemon

  8. My wee little #10g septum. It’s so cute. I love how it somehow looks dainty and adorable but thick and badass at the same time. Maybe I’ll just stay here! 🙊👊🔥#stretchedseptum #justnosethings

  9. FanExpo Part Two! Fabulous.

  10. FanExpo Part Two!